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Dear H&FCL Subscribers and Readers,

Sarah Briggs Hoffmann passed away in her sleep on August 10th on her beloved Bremen Long Island in Maine, surrounded by her family. She kept the Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Letter running as the business manager to Peter's editor and publisher.

Sarah was successful in finding a home for the H&FCL archives, and as the details are finalized we will announce the transition of the archive from this website to its next home.

Thank you all for supporting our parents in their vision for a cleaner energy future.

Peter, Rem, and Ben Hoffmann
(sons of Peter and Sarah Hoffmann)

Peter Hoffmann passed away on April 18, 2014. He was my husband of 50 years and the editor and publisher of the Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Letter continuously since 1986. You can read the obituary at the New York Times, and please do leave a note there if you'd like.

Peter and I have loved working, emailing, talking, learning from, and laughing with all of you in the hydrogen community for the last 30 years. To the end, Peter was confident that hydrogen and fuel cells will be a critical part of a cleaner energy future. While there have been lots of ups and downs over the years, Peter was very optimistic about the recent upswing in activity and interest.

But sadly it is now time for others to continue this important work. The Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Letter's last edition is the April, 2014 one. We will keep the website up and available to subscribers for the time being while we arrange for a transition. For refunds of any unfilled parts of subscriptions, please let me know where to send checks at

I know that Peter would want the Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Letter archive to continue to be available, or even to have the newsletter continued. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or proposals for a good home for the newsletter, please also send me an email.

Sarah B. Hoffmann,
Business Manager

In This Issue

April 2014  Volume XXIX - Number 4

FC Expo (Cont’d): Japan Expects to Play Leading Role in Global Fuel Cell Race

Hyundai’s Fuel Cell Intrado, Flow Cell-Powered QUANT Debut at Geneva Show

Fast Forward:

DoE News: DoE H2/Fuel Cell Program Gets Small Increase in FY 2015 Budget Request

DoE Wants Input on $1 Million H-Prize for Small-Scale Refueling Systems

Norway May Lead Way to Global Multi-Billion Renewables Investments

DoE News: Four H2/Fuel Cell Projects Win Small Business Innovation Awards

R&D Notes:

* Berkeley & Argonne Researchers Discover New, More Active Class of Nanocatalysts:

* Not Enough is Done to Prevent Hydrogen Explosions in Nuclear Accidents:

IEA HIA Announces Hydrogen R&D Individual Prize; Nominations by Mid-July

Briefly Noted:

* Educating the Public: New Hydrogen, Fuel Cell Teaching Materials for German High School Students Launch at Hannover Fair:

*Proton OnSite Picked to Provide Electrolyzer for German Fueling Station:

* Honda Installs Advanced Fast-Fill H2 Station at R&D Campus:

* Market for Stationary Fuel Cells Expected to Reach $40 Billion in Less than a Decade:

* “The Artificial Leaf is Here. Again”

* Heliocentris Wins Fuel Cell Backup Power Contract for Regional German Digital Radio Network:

* French Stack Provider McPhy signs Exclusive Deal with Italy’s Electro Power Systems:



David Margalit, Gregory Wagemans, Thomas Strobl, Dr. Andras Gosztonyi, Dr. Peter Binks, Henry (Hank) W. Wedaa, Alan Lloyd, Mark Abramowitz, Jeff Serfass, Katherine Ayers

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